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What You Should Know About Nanny Cameras.
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The Pros and Cons of Using a Nanny Cams

Nanny cams allow parents or homeowners to monitor what is happening inside of a house while away at work or school. All of the nanny cams shown at this site have strengths and weaknesses. These factors need to be considered before deciding to install a camera. Using a nanny cam has several pros and cons.

Know Exactly What Is Happening

The main advantage of a nanny cam is that homeowners and parents know exactly what is happening in the house at any point. The actions of housekeepers, contractors and nannies are all clearly captured by the camera. Some even allow wireless live monitoring while away from home. This can provide peace of mind and help homeowners or parents to trust the people in the house when no one else is home.

Resentment and Mistrust

A disadvantage is that a nanny cam can cause resentment, mistrust and hurt feelings for people working in the house or watching children. There is always a chance a nanny or other person will find the camera even if it is hidden or disguised. Learning that the homeowners are spying can alienate workers and could even cause a person to quit.

Learn About Children

Cameras used to record children and nannies allow parents to learn about the kids. The cameras will record the normal habits and patterns of the child during the day. Parents can learn about the eating and sleeping habits of the child while everyone is normally at work or school. This information allows parents to provide better care.

Potential Legal Issues

The reality is that installing a nanny cam to record people unknowingly in a house is illegal in 13 different states. These states have laws restricting recording any person without consent even in a private residence. Homeowners could face legal penalties like fines if a nanny or housekeeper discovers the camera in one of these states.

Forensic Evidence

Homeowners or parents can have a hard time proving that someone like a nanny or contractor harmed a child or damaged the property. The video captured by a nanny cam can be saved and used as forensic evidence later. The video gives parents a powerful tool to help prosecute anyone who has harmed children or the home intentionally.

Review Times

A disadvantage some people do not think about is that nanny cams require time to review the footage at the end of the day or week. This can take hours even when the playback speed is increased. Parents or homeowners will need to set aside time just to see if the camera captured anything unusual.

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