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How To Select a Nanny Cam. 
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Everything You Need to Know About Nanny Cameras.
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Nanny Cameras

What is a nanny cam and how does a nanny cam work?

A nanny cam is a small camera that is used to monitor the activity in the home when negligence or abuse is suspected. Although many options exist, using a hidden wireless camera is the simplest route to recording. The hidden nanny cam’s receiver sends the signal to the transmitter, and video information is recorded to a computer hard drive or DVR. There are many options when it comes to what kind of hidden nanny cam is best for you.

Why use a nanny cam?

  1. Confidence that your child is not being harmed. Using a nanny camera allows you to see what is going on in your home with your own eyes. You do not have to wonder. You can know.
  2. Confidence that your instructions are being followed. By using a nanny cam, you can monitor what television your child is watching, what visitors are coming over, etc.

What types of nanny cams are available?

  • Hidden nanny cams are helpful when abuse is suspected. Common hiding places for nanny cams include:
    • Wall or mantel clocks
    • Smoke detectors
    • Tissue box covers
    • Stuffed animals
    • Air fresheners
    • House plants
    • Computer speakers
  • Wall mounted nanny cams are an overt way of capturing the activity in a particular area of the house. While the wall mounted nanny cam may not help capture harm being done to a child, they can be very effective as a deterrent for would-be abusers.

Where can I find a nanny camera and how much does a good web cam cost?

A Google search of “nanny camera” reveals that you can buy nweb nanny cams everywhere. Home security companies like ADT offer nanny cams as a part of their service packages. If you choose to set up your own nanny camera, you can use a website like Amazon or Davis House Security, or you can check out your local spy shop. Equipment can run anywhere from $100 to well over $500. Some systems allow you to receive information to your phone or mobile device while others simply keep recorded information on an SD card.

Are nanny web cams legal?

Though nanny cameras are legal, be sure to check state laws concerning recording audio, and always avoid placing cameras in bathrooms or other places that could be considered an invasion of privacy.

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