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2012-2013 Nanny Industry and Salary Report
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Nanny Jobs Outlook and Salaries for 2012-2013

Economic pressures have forced many people to live on a two-wage income. This presents an obvious problem if they have children, and childcare jobs exist to meet that need. In recent years, the demand for nanny and childcare jobs has markedly increased.

Strong Demand for Nannies in 2012 and 2013

Some also find that nanny or childcare work requires skill and patience, and many people are leaving the industry, even as the needs increase exponentially. For these reasons, the outlook for these jobs is particularly strong in the near future.

The current Nanny Work Force

The numbers of people who work as nannies or in childcare is staggering. In the last few years, more than 860,000 people received a salary or wage for their work in this field, and another 430,000 (33 percent) were self-employed. About 29 percent of all workers in this field were part-time. Self-employed childcare workers tend to work longer hours than those who are part of a larger business.

US Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor expects jobs in this industry to increase 15 percent over the next few years. The best growth will generally come in child-care centers and day cares, since some parents regard these are safer places to send their children.

Nanny Wages Will Increase in the Next Several Years

Nanny salaries and wages for childcare workers are not extraordinarily high. Most nanny and childcare jobs averaged around $11.30 per hour. However, specific jobs in the field might earn much more particularly nanny positions where someone is willing to live with the family or provide basic teaching along with childcare.

Futue Growth of Nanny Jobs in the US

One of the greatest benefits of childcare and nanny jobs is that the preparation requirements are relatively low. This means that the choice to work as a nanny is a low commitment and low-risk decision. Without a large educational investment, these jobs allow people to move onward to other careers or even to work elsewhere within the same industry.

Furthermore, there is every reason to expect the needs for childcare to increase as another generation begins their families and as financial pressures for a dual income continue. Most importantly, childcare is a relatively stable job. People always need their children taken care of, and in difficult times it is even more critical to maintain two incomes. This is an excellent time to enter this field, and those who do so can expect to see steady work in childcare for a long time into the future.

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