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Why Nannies Choose America's Nannies

America's Nannies is a network of local nanny agencies. Local nanny agencies place a greater emphasis in your welfare and your situation. Their recognized nationally as nanny advocates, always trying to improve the general working situation of nannies across the country.

As such, we have developed an intensive family application which places great emphasis on job description. Family applications review every aspect of home life which can impact on a nanny placement, including, duties and responsibilities, hours, living conditions, benefits, personalities, (of both parents and children), ages and behavior of the children and manner of handling difficulties, other adults in the home, general health of the children, any special needs and a great deal more. By putting this together and matching it to a nanny profile and application, we are able to make better matches resulting in more comfortable and longer lasting placements. In the rare instance when something does not work out, we are always there to help you !!!

Each nanny application is carefully matched line by line with family applications, comparing what a family has to offer and what a nanny is seeking in a job. Only when there is a match do we make the appropriate referrals. We don't want to waste your time, our time or the family's time. Our families will call you, instead of you calling them and we require families to pay for your transportation to the job.

America's Nannies does NOT accept positions requiring excessive housekeeping, hours, poor working conditions or below appropriate salary levels. Nannies can therefore feel more comfortable working with us.

Minimum Requirements To Be A Nanny

At least 18 Years of age, an American Citizen or holder of a green card, licensed driver (with a good driving record), no police record, HS graduate (HS equivalency diploma OK), verifiable references for work you've done with children and the understanding that we seek at least a one year commitment for a live in position. All information is checked and verified !!!!!

Many nannies with substantial experience and education (including MA or MS degrees) also work with our agency. We place nannies of all ages.

If you are a nanny seeking a live-in nanny job, please apply on-line to learn more about our opportunities.

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