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Frequently asked questions and answers for nannies about nanny jobs. 
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FAQs for Nannies

How much do I can I earn as a Nanny?
Salaries can vary from a minimum of $300 weekly (entry level) a high in the 700's. Jobs of $700 or more are less frequent, but available from time to time. Top of Page

What benefits do nannies recieve?
America's Nannies requires all our families to provide a minimum of six paid holidays and one week of paid vacation. Most families provide two weeks and some (although very few) even more. Many families will participate in some form of subsidy for health insurance coverage, although many families still do not. A nanny may specify her interest in health insurance and we will make her preference known to a family. She can refuse to interview with any family whose profile does not meet her specifications. All live in jobs provide room and board and the vast majority (99%) provide access to a vehicle for personal use as well as work use. A nanny should NOT use her own car to transport children. We will be happy to provide a family with an informative flyer on vicarious liability relevant to this matter. Top of Page

How many families will I interview with?
You will interview with as many families as it is necessary to find the right match. Top of Page

Is it wrong to hire the first nanny job?
Absolutely not! It would be somewhat silly to pursue other jobs if you have found a great match. Good nannies are placed quickly. Top of Page

Does the nanny pay a fee?
Absolutely not, the nanny pays no fee. Top of Page

What does America's Nannies expect from me during the interview and application process?
We expect you to be honest. Nannies need to be honest for the situation to work out for both parties. Top of Page

Transportation to the job?
Families are expected to pay at least one way one time transportation to the job. Top of Page

What is the next step for nannies to take?
Sign up, it's free and easy or browse nanny jobs and then apply. Depending on your date of availability we will follow up with an immediate interview or recommend that you first complete a written application after which we will do our interviews. Top of Page

We trust this FAQ has been helpful to you and provided the information you need to get your next nanny job. We look forward to hearing from you, working with you and referring to you the family that is a perfect match for you!

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