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Frequently asked questions and answers for employing a nanny. 
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Tips and advice when hiring a nanny.
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NANNY HIRING FAQs for Families

Where do nannies come from?

Nannies come from all over the United States.

What is the average age of the nannies placed?

We work with nannies as young as 18 and as old as 65. Some families place great importance on age, others don't. The average age differs almost daily and averages do not come into play. Each placement is a specific search. A family may specify their preferences and we will work within the framework provided.

What is a typical salary for nannies placed?

Salaries vary from a minimum of $350 weekly (entry level) to the mid 600's. Jobs of $700 or more are less frequent, but available from time to time.

How are nannies found?

America's Nannies has developed a unique and very successful system for recruiting nannies on an ongoing basis. We spend considerable time, effort and funds to do so and this allows us to have an adequate supply of nannies on hand at all times. We do our own recruiting and do not depend on out of state recruiters, schools or other less than dependable systems.

How long does the process take?
This is an interesting question, because the driving force that determines how long the process takes is the family that is searching. Our agency will provide referrals carefully matched to the family application. It is then up to the family to work as expeditiously as possible. We are available for questions as necessary, and of course for additional referrals when required.

How many names of families/nannies will you provide?
We are ready, willing and able to provide as many referrals as it takes, but we are not in the numbers business. The referrals we make are carefully matched before referral. About 50% of our families hire the first or second person referred to them, even when they have more applicants available. Top of Page

Is it wrong to hire the first nanny or take the first job?
Absolutely not! It would be somewhat silly to withhold better applicants just so they will be third or fourth to have a better shot at being hired. We recommend to both nannies and families that if they see the nanny/family that they like, they should be ready to offer/accept the right nanny/job even if it is the very first nanny/family they speak to. There is a good chance that putting off a decision will mean that you will lose that nanny/family. Good nannies are placed quickly and working expeditiously is required along with willingness to make a decision. Likewise, nannies too should be ready to make a decision when starting a search. Top of Page

Can you fill a job in any part of the country?
As long as it is a live-in job that meets the criteria we establish for the jobs we will work with, we can find a nanny for any place in the country. We have filled jobs in the suburbs, the cities, farms and in rural areas. Top of Page

What about special needs?
We have filled requests for all kinds of special needs and resources. Depending on the special need there may be an extra fee. There will never be an extra fee if you are not told about in advance when we first discuss the available situation. We do not believe in surprises for the nanny, the agency or the family. Top of Page

Why don't you have a family application to download or fill out online?
America's Nannies uses a copyrighted method of interviewing families and nannies with an interactive oral application. Your responses are entered into the computer which when printed out becomes your family application and later when you hire your official job description. This provides us with a much better opportunity to get to know you better, get a better feel for making the referrals and results in longer lasting placements. This method is far more time consuming and costly for us than having you download a family application or fill it out on line. However, quality is not necessarily achieved by the fastest methodology, only by the most accurate and informative one. Top of Page

What does America's Nannies expect from us/me during the application process?
We expect both families and nannies to be honest with their responses. Sugar coating job descriptions or saying one is a non smoker when one is not is simply a recipe for a placement failure. Both sides must be honest for the situation to work out to the optimum. Top of Page

What about post placement support?
America's Nannies has a very substantial nanny list that is made up of all the nannies we place, plus some other nannies that request to be placed on the list. Each of those nannies in turn often know many others that we don't know so making friends is very easy. Especially so if the job is in NJ, CT or Eastern PA. We also have connections with nanny support groups all around the country and will provide the name and number of the group nearest to you. In rare instances where no such group exists, we will provide suggestions on how it might be best to find friends and meet new people in a new area. Top of Page

Will you find us a nanny/housekeeper?
NO, more often than not, such applicants are neither the best nannies or the best housekeepers. The nannies we place are responsible for the child care while on the job and the housekeeping that pertains to the children. Many nannies also do shopping and errands, especially when they are working with school age children. Some nannies are willing to do either family laundry or family cooking, some, absolutely love to do family cooking. We do not want jobs that involve full housekeeping because we want nannies whose interests and expertise is working with children. That way, you get better child care and that is the ultimate goal. Top of Page

Are the nannies and jobs listed on your site real?
Despite problems you may have run into on other sites, America's Nannies guarantees that every job and every nanny listed on our site is real and current. In fact, we only list ten of each but have many more in both categories. Top of Page

How do I pay the application fee?
The application fee is taken by credit card at the time we take in the application and is valid for one search, until a nanny is found. If we do work on the case and you hire from another source we will use our discretion based on relationships and the amount of time and effort expended as to considering any extensions. If we did not make any referrals (which would be very rare being that we make referrals within the first 24 hours 99% of the time) but an application fee is paid the application fee will be good for one year from the time the application was taken. Top of Page

When is the placement fee due?
The placement fee is due ONLY if you hire a nanny, within ten days of invoicing or before your nanny starts whichever is first. Guarantee programs mentioned elsewhere on this site apply. As noted above, there is no FEE to nannies. Top of Page

Nanny Taxes: I now have a nanny, what taxes do I have to pay?

Employing a nanny who earns more than $1,400 in wages in a calendar year requires payroll tax filings by the domestic employer (you the family). These nanny payroll tax obligations can include:
  • State Taxes
  • Federal Federal Taxes
  • Social security taxes
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Nanny Payroll: Are there nanny payroll services to assist with paying and collecting taxes on my behalf?

The nanny emplorer is requried to collect the nanny's social security and medicare taxes. The witholding of income taxes if not withheld by the nanny employer, then the nanny is required to make payments of any due taxes. Collect of state taxes vary by state. [
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What is the next step for families to take?
You can use our family inquiry form to tell us a little bit about yourselves and ask any additional questions.

We trust this FAQ has been helpful to you and has saved you some of your valuable time. We look forward to hearing from you, working with you and referring to you the nanny or family that is just right!


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