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Find The Right Agency

Finding a family or nanny is easy, finding the right family or nanny is another story. The trick is for each nanny and family applicant to find the agency that will give her/them the utmost in attention, consideration and cooperation both prior to, during and post placement. It is precisely this type of attention, with the right agency, that will allow you the utmost opportunity to find the right match. This is the America's Nannies way.

Due Diligence

Time should be spent with each nanny to properly evaluate the nanny's personal scope of experience, preferences (numbers and ages of children, salary level, geographic consideration etc.) and requirements. Once those are determined, it is up to the agency to find the right job for a nanny within the boundaries of the description established in the nanny application and interview as it is matched to those in the family application (see next paragraph).

There Are No Shortcuts in Finding The Right Nanny

Time must also be spent with each family to best and most accurately describe all of the parameters of the job, Nothing should be left to the imagination and nothing should be sugar coated to make it more likely to make a match. In essence a sugarcoated match is one that will quickly dissolve like sugar in a hot cup of coffee. General non-specific descriptions are not advisable. The more inclusive the family application the more likely it is to find a match that will work and a nanny who will stay on for a longer period of time.

An agency should not try to talk a nanny into accepting a position with circumstances that she does not wish to contend with, or to accept a lower level salary that she thinks she can obtain etc. A nanny should be referred only to families about which she has been informed and that meet the criteria for her specific search. Anything less is the meat market approach. Throw enough nannies at a family and eventually they will hire somebody. But- will that nanny be right for the family, will she be happy and will she be likely to stay?

Families should be provided with up to date information on the marketplace so that their offers are informed ones and competitive in the marketplace. Advising a family to hire a nanny at below market rates may work briefly, but the smart nanny will quickly realize she is being underpaid and will seek to leave the position. That is not good for nanny, family or agency.

Once on the job a nanny should be provided with a support group so that she can easily integrate into her new surroundings easily and in a non-traumatic fashion. The agency should be available for post placement consultation and should respond to a nanny call in a prompt and considerate fashion. This applies whether or not a guarantee period is still a matter of consideration. An agency should stand ready and able to remove a nanny from an unpleasant or dangerous situation, a situation where the nanny is being troubled by "job expansion syndrome" or where some other descriptive factors involved in the job description and placement have not been upheld by the family.

For the agency, a relationship with a nanny should be at least as important than a relationship with a family.

The Importance of the Local Nanny Agency

A nanny should feel secure that the agency has properly screened and evaluated a family and that the agency has properly confined the job description to a very specific set of criteria. Anything less opens a nanny to the unpleasant circumstances surrounding the "job expansion syndrome".

From the family point of view, all elements of availability and consultation also apply. America's Nannies is more than ready to consult with families to discuss any ongoing issues even long after replacement periods have expired. Families should be able to discuss problems specifically and they should also stick to the job description provided in the family application. Families should feel secure that the agency is properly screening the applicant and completing all promised checks and references.


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